Sizes of drilling tools is very much important consideration on selection of type and design of the drilling tool. The standard sizes cutting edge diameter for the drillings we sell are ranging from 400 mm – 2500 mm. Following is the drilling tools you can order from BEMA INTERNATIONAL:

1. Soil Auger

auger soil j auger soil O auger soil R

2. Rock Auger

auger rock d auger rock P auger rock Q

3. Soil Bucket

bucket soil -2 bucket soil -a bucket soil -c

4. Rock Bucket

bucket rock hh bucket rock ff bucket rock cc

5. Cleaning Bucket

cleaning bucket

6. Core Barrel

Core Barrel 1800-B Core Barrel

7. Belling bucket

8. Kelly box

For more information contact JULIANNA at +65 6861 7277 or e-mail to office@bema.com.sg

BEMA INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD was established since 1993 with a paid up capital of S$ 1,000,000. Over 20 years BEMA is a reputable and well established machine trading and project logistics by providing excellent machineries and services to our customers.

We are specialists in Construction Machinery Trading and Project Logistics Solutions. Our company also specializes in sourcing machinery spare parts worldwide. We will ensured that our customers received the best quality of products and services by stringent quality tests on our machines before delivery and make sure all the services was the best.

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